In Sikkim, the Army conducts a missile drill guided by anti-tankers at a very high elevation of 17,000 feet.

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According to a news statement from the Defence PRO in Guwahati, the Indian Army’s Trishakti Corps conducted a training exercise on Thursday that involved launching anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) against a very high-altitude location of 17,000 feet in Sikkim.

The whole Eastern Command, comprising mechanised and infantry forces, sent missile-firing detachments to participate in the training exercise.

According to the announcement, the exercise included live fire from various platforms on both moving and stationary targets that simulated wartime conditions, as well as thorough continuity training.

It further stated that the ATGM detachments had proven their capacity to neutralise armoured threats with unmatched lethality, guaranteeing mission completion on perilous mountains.

The press statement continued, “The ATGM system’s performance in high-altitude environments reaffirms the aim of ‘Ek Missile Ek Tank’ and showcases the accuracy and effectiveness of the ATGM system in super-high-altitude terrain.”

The ATGM system’s effective operation in these high-altitude conditions confirms the Indian Army’s adherence to the “Ek Missile Ek Tank” (One Missile, One Tank) doctrine.

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