India recently at a program of the United Nations Security Council, raised the issue of genocide carried out by Pakistan army during Bangladesh’s 1971 liberation war.

Participating in the first UNSC open debate this year on “Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict: Wars in Cities — Protection of Civilians in Urban Settings” on January 25, India slammed state actors for backing terrorism.

India’s permanent envoy to the UN, TS Tirumurti, also reminded the UNSC about the terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai in 2008 that killed 166 civilians of over 15 nationalities, added the report.

Tirumurti, while talking at the debate, also cited the example of Bangladesh’s Liberation War, during which, military action by Pakistan mounted to genocide.

“There are other countries as well which are still reeling from military actions carried out in the past either without due consideration for protecting civilian population, or through deliberate targeting of civilians amounting to genocide as was done in the erstwhile East Pakistan in 1971, now Bangladesh,” TS Tirumurti said.

India has been seeking justice for 1971 genocide committed by the Pakistan Army that killed three million in the then East Pakistan. Despite several attempts by Bangladesh, Pakistan Army officers have not yet been tried by the international court, he added.

Reaffirming India’s commitment to non-interference in the internal affairs of states, Tirumurti said that armed conflicts must be resolved via political and diplomatic efforts, in line with international law and principles of the UN Charter.

“Having suffered the scourge of cross-border terrorism for decades, India has always been at the forefront of global counter-terrorism efforts,” he said.

“The dastardly terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008 which resulted in the killing of 166 innocent civilians of 15 nationalities is still a ghastly reminder to the entire international community,” he concluded.

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