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The Loki Mk-II UAV is a little tactical quadcopter made to work in tight, dark spaces indoors, GPS-denied situations, and surroundings with lots of obstacles. The impact-resistant UAV can be operated in two ways: “turtle” or “directional flip” and “floor” or “rover style.”

It has a payload of light and sound distractions as well as a low-light camera with an integrated infrared (IR) light emitting diode (LED). A low-lethal explosion that produces 170 dB is used to create sound distraction.

A tiny hand-throwable UGV made for indoor use is called the Sigyn MK-I. The UGV is equipped with wide-angle low-light cameras in both the front and the back, as well as eight IR LEDs that can be controlled. The UGV has inertial motion sensors built into it, allowing for a variety of drive modes, and is crashproof.

Using analogue transmissions at a frequency of 500 MHz, the Loki MK-II and Sigyn MK-I can be handled by a console managed by Sky-Hero’s ground control station (GCS) MK-II. On various wrist-worn screens, the operator is given a field view. Up to four vehicles can be controlled by the GCS MK-II. Additionally, the Sigyn MK-I UGV and the Narfi MK-I wireless tactical pole camera are compatible with the Loki MK-II.

According to a source in the drone sector who spoke to Janes during the fourth Drone International Expo 2023, which was held in New Delhi in late July, Sky-Hero gave demonstrations of its Loki MK-II and Sigyn MK-I to the National Security Guard (NSG), Indian paramilitary forces, and Indian special forces in July 2023.

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