India requests that the United States issue business visas quickly.

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Washington: Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal announced on Wednesday that India had asked the US to expedite the issuing of business visas so that persons might travel for brief periods to pursue trade and business interests.

In a press conference following his participation in the 13th India-US Trade Policy Forum in Washington, Piyush Goyal said, “We found very good resonance to our request that issuance of business visas, which is taking a long time back home in India, is an area which needs to be expedited, so that business persons interested on both sides, need to have faster processing of business visas so that trade, investment, does not suffer.”

He continued, “India has asked the US to expedite the granting of ordinary business visas when people come in for brief stays to pursue their trade and economic interest.

Goyal emphasised that there is a growing exchange of employees, students, investors, and business visitors between the two nations.

“And that has contributed to improving our bilateral ties. We are appreciative that the US was able to expedite the student visa processing so that, in the event of a COVID, our kids could travel to the US to enrol in classes in the fall of 2022 “Added he.

Goyal will attend the India-US Trade Policy Forum while on an official visit to New York and Washington, DC, from January 9 to 11. His visit includes discussions at the delegation level and a one-on-one meeting with Ambassador Katherine Tai of the US Trade Representative.

This request for the cancellation of business visas comes just one week after the State Department announced that the US consulates and embassy in India beat their previous record by issuing approximately 1,25,000 student visas for the fiscal year 2022.

“In the single fiscal year 2022, our embassy and consulates in India issued more student visas than ever before. Nearly 1,25,000 student visas have been issued by us “Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US State Department, stated in a press conference in response to a question regarding the delay in removing the backlog of visas for Indian visitors.

The US Commerce Department previously stated that both India and the US are natural partners with complementary commerce, long-standing strategic and economic ties, interpersonal contacts, and dynamic democracies.

Additionally, the two nations are working together through QUAD, IPEF, and I2U2 (India-Israel/UAE/USA) (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework).

The increased bilateral cooperation has included frequent exchanges at the leadership level. The results of these trips have played a crucial role in further solidifying the intricate relations between the two nations.

After a four-year hiatus, the 12th TPF Ministerial meeting was convened on November 23, 2021, in New Delhi. Following the most recent ministerial, working groups were reactivated. The Trade Partnership Forum (TPF) is a framework for ongoing dialogue between two nations to advance their trade and investment ties.

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