India responds to Xi’s bombshell

World News

The G20 annual meetings schedule for 2023 will have several special events. It has been a year since NATO members started a proxy conflict with the Russian Federation, which has so far been fought in Ukrainian territory. It is the year that came after the Chinese delegation distributed a set of maps during the SCO summit in Samarkand on September 15–17, 2022, in a “informal” manner.

The maps were, to put it mildly, erroneous because they identified enormous swaths of sea and land territory as Chinese but actually belonged to other nations. After World War II, the international organisation tasked with maintaining peace on a worldwide scale was split, with Russia and China on one side and the US, Britain, and France on the other. Only at the very last minute did the G20 nations offer the world with an agreement statement that was suitably bland.

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