The Ministry of External Affairs did not react to statements by Pakistan or China

Apart from China, both Pakistan and the 57-member Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also commented on the anniversary of the decision to reorganise Jammu and Kashmir and amend Article 370. Pakistan also summoned the Indian Charge d’Affairs Suresh Kumar to the Foreign Ministry on Friday, to protest what it called India’s “illegitimate actions” that it said aimed to “unilaterally alter the disputed status” of the former State and called for India to reverse its 2019 decisions.

In its statement, the Saudi-based OIC said that India’s moves in August 2019 were “illegal and unilateral actions” and were followed by additional unlawful measures including illegal demographic changes”, in a reference to government moves on Article 35-A and property ownership in Jammu and Kashmir.

While the Ministry of External Affairs did not react to statements by Pakistan or China, it issued a sharp retort to the OIC, accusing the organisation of “bigotry” and objected to the OIC’s regular statements on Jammu and Kashmir that it said had been issued at the “behest of a serial violator of human rights and notorious promoter of cross-border, regional and international terrorism,” indicating Pakistan.

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