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In the 9th Trilateral Summit between Israel, Greece and Cyprus, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the country is especially interested in natural gas exports partnership with countries such as India, which may even be invited to the next trilateral summit, expected next year, as per The Times of Israel.

In the joint press conference, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides, with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu in Nicosia said, “We reaffirmed our strong commitment to the 3+1 format with the United States and agreed on the value of intensifying 3+1 cooperation, with concrete deliverables also with other countries and we talked specifically about India,” according to an official sta

At the Summit, the leaders said that they reaffirmed their commitment to continue strengthening the dynamic cooperation of the trilateral partnership platform. The engagement reflects shared values and ever-increasing common interests, aiming to contribute to peace, stability, security and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region.

“As underlined on previous occasions, our three countries remain committed to welcoming other like-minded parties in our resolute effort to create and advance synergies, to the benefit of our countries and peoples, as well as of our region,” the statement read.

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“We agreed that the energy sector, and in particular, natural gas, electricity and renewable energy, is a solid foundation for cooperation in the region, based on international law including the law of the sea and the respect of all states to exercise their rights in their respective EEZ/Continental Shelf,” it added.

In light of the growing need for energy diversification and interconnectivity, due to the geopolitical developments, the leaders reaffirmed the common interest to advance prospects for a reliable energy corridor from the Eastern Mediterranea

In this context, the leaders stressed the importance of further promoting energy synergies with like-minded countries including the EMGF and regional projects such as electrical interconnections, like the EuroAsia Interconnector, and possible natural gas/hydrogen pipelines.

“Addressing the global challenge of climate change, we agree to reinforce our efforts through regional cooperative projects, R&D, innovative energy technologies and promoting further regional energy connectivity. Against the backdrop of recent wildfires in Greece and Cyprus, taking note of the recent assistance provided by Israel, we reaffirm our mutual commitment to assist each other in responding to emergencies and further enhance ou”We also reaffirmed on the value of the 3+1 format with the United States, which can offer tangible deliverables, inter alia, in the areas of energy, economy, climate action, emergency preparedness and counterterrorism. It was agreed to work together towards holding a ministerial 3+1 meeting later this year,” the statement added.r coordination and joint capabilities for that purpose,” the statement read.

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