India will continue to be Sri Lanka’s most dependable ally, providing state-of-the-art defence gear.

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India emphasised on Wednesday that New Delhi was prepared to provide friendly partner nations like Sri Lanka with cutting-edge defensive equipment, stating that it is and will continue to be Colombo’s most trustworthy friend and partner.

Santosh Jha, the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, stated at the Second India-Sri Lanka Defence Seminar that the two countries were closely collaborating on security and defence issues, just like they were in other domains. “Our security is related to and entwined with our landscape. And when we talk about security, we have to keep in mind that it now encompasses more than we have historically thought,” Jha stated. Following the Covid19 pandemic and the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has expanded to include food, health, energy, and

“Our security is related to and entwined with our landscape. Furthermore, Jha said that security now encompasses more than just the traditional connotation that we have attached to it. In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, security now also refers to food, energy, health, and even economic security.

According to him, the several cutting-edge platforms and tools created in India can also serve as practical, reasonably priced, and cutting-edge options for the Sri Lankan military.

“Our sense of duty and obligation to our closest neighbour and friend motivated us to support Sri Lanka throughout the Covid outbreak and economic downturn in recent years. When it came, we were side by side with our counterpart in civilization.

“As many of you can attest, India is and will continue to be Sri Lanka’s most trustworthy friend and partner,” Jha stated. “Our bilateral cooperation is growing and changing,” he continued. India’s expanding national capacities support it.”

Senior officials from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces were present, including with Commanders of the Air Force and Navy, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Shavendra Silva, and State Minister of Defence Premitha Bandara Tennakoon of Sri Lanka.

As to his statement, India has made “significant capability development within the Indian defence industry” as part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (Self-Reliant India) programme.

“We have invested in research and development and promoted the use of innovation and new-age technologies to build capabilities that are future-ready,” Jha stated.

“Not only are we producing for our own national requirements, but we have been willing to make these capabilities available to our friendly partner countries like Sri Lanka,” added the high commissioner.

“We export defence hardware and software to more than 85 countries with more than 100 indigenous firms active in this field,” he added, adding that India’s defence exports currently stand at almost USD 2.6 billion, a 10-fold growth over the previous five years.

“Today, India can offer high quality, low cost, and reliable technology in defence with an assured supply chain for long-term maintenance support,” Jha stated.

Our goal, as in other areas, has been to ensure that our expanding capacities help our neighbours, especially Sri Lanka. We’re determined to meet their needs.

Additionally, he expressed optimism that the conference, which is taking place in Sri Lanka for the second time in the previous two years, will highlight defence and security cooperation and assist in determining the priorities that both countries have in common.

According to Jha, the event would provide the Sri Lankan military forces with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a range of capabilities that have been created in-house in India. It would also exhibit various technological platforms and equipment. “We are confident that these can also become viable, affordable and modern solutions for the Sri Lankan military,” he said.

Earlier, he recalled that they have “a natural warmth and comfort in dealing with each other” because of their “shared civilizational past, common heritage and strong cultural connect.”

Jha added, as

“Our SAGAR vision and neighborhood-first philosophy serve as the cornerstones of our approach to Sri Lanka. This means that, in light of their needs and goals, we should share everything we can with our nearest neighbours. It also means that we continue to be generous and non-reciprocal in our attitude,” he stated.

SAGAR, or Security and Growth for All in the Region, is a premier government programme designed to assist neighbours in the Indian Ocean Region.

The seminar was attended by a sizable and extremely diverse delegation from the Indian defence industry, led by Anurag Bajpai, Additional Secretary, Department of Defence Production, India’s Ministry of Defence. This delegation included some of the country’s top Defence Public Sector organisations as well as a wide range of industry participants from the private sector.

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