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Om Birla, Lok Sabha Speaker, is in Kenya.

On Monday, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla visited Rigathi Gachagua, Kenya’s Deputy President, as part of an Indian Parliamentary Delegation to Kenya and Tanzania.

Birla stated on this occasion that India and Kenya have historically had close links and that both countries have struggled against colonialism. Birla stated that India and Kenya share a same outlook in the fight against terrorism. He asked everyone to work together to destroy terrorism for the sake of peace and development.

Birla, who mentioned India and Kenya’s cooperation in the UN, called for greater cooperation between the two countries in global fora. In reference to India’s G20 presidency, Birla stressed the aims of the G20 presidency and guaranteed that India will make efforts to address concerns of the Global South in the G20 framework.

Birla stated that India has already taken the International Solar Alliance initiative and is attempting to harness energy from renewable sources. The dignitaries also talked on developing trade, economic, and cultural ties between the two countries, as well as increasing people-to-people contact.

Birla also contacted his Kenyan counterpart, Moses Masika Wetangula E.G.H., Speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly. Birla emphasised the importance of Parliament as the focal point in developing relations between the two nations on this occasion.

He also stressed the need of the India-Kenya Parliamentary Friendship Group for close engagement between legislators from both nations. He went on to say that India supports robust parliamentary relations between the two countries.

Birla stated that top-level visits between the two countries have not only improved collaboration in traditional areas, but also aided in the exploration of new prospects to develop ties. Birla also heartily congratulated William Ruto on his election as President of the Republic of Kenya.

Birla stated that when it comes to people of Indian heritage living in Kenya, they contribute to the country’s economic progress. He went on to say that these Indians play a crucial role in keeping the two countries’ ties mutually beneficial and peaceful.

When discussing the two countries’ historical ties, Birla reminded that Ibn Batuta and other traders traded between India and East Africa. He also stated that Kenyan farmers and traders perceive Sikh farmers from India favourably.

Birla further stressed that Indian trained workers are playing an important role in today’s globalised market, contributing to both countries’ economic prosperity. He stated proudly that a huge number of Kenyan students study in India.

Birla mentioned India’s vital contribution in the fight against COVID-19, saying that India led from the front and delivered vaccinations in big quantities to countries all over the world. He also stated that India successfully carried out the world’s largest pandemic vaccination effort, for which the world today salutes India for COVID management.

Birla stated that the Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for Democracies (PRIDE) plays a significant role in enabling high-level knowledge sharing and close interaction between the two legislatures. He went on to say that both parliaments are critical in moving bilateral ties ahead.

Birla also invited Moses Masika Wetangula E.G.H. to participate.

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