On April 22, two terrorists associated with the suicide squad of Jaish-e-Mohammad were eliminated. A couple residing in the house were safely evacuated
Anwar Hussain was out when his wife called him at around 3.40 AM on April 2022. It was a normal call during Ramzan days as it was Sehri time but what she narrated to her husband totally shocked him. Anwar is the owner of the house where encounters occurred as the terrorists were hiding. He was out when this all happened.
Speaking to Republic, Anwar said, “I got a call from my wife that there are loud blasts outside and she is in Kitchen which is in front of her house; I told her to go to last room and turn off all lights. Neither I nor she was aware that they (terrorists) are hiding in our backyard”.
“I told her that it is dark, and firing is going on, so I cannot come back home but we were speaking on the call,” added Anwar while recalling what transpired that morning with his family. He still regrets that he unknowingly asked her wife and children to go to the room that is just next to where the terrorists were hiding.
Anwar further added that at around 6, when he tried to return to his place he was stopped by forces due to threats at the encounter site, but Army personnel got his family out of the house safely. The entire area was encircled by the Army and his family was taken out, moved to a safe location and then the encounter resumed.
“I was taken to the house after the operation ended to carry out a thorough search of the house to rule out any possibility of the presence of terrorists inside the house. I helped them when water was needed after the operation was over. I was in fear after the encounter; earlier we weren’t aware of the fact that terrorists are here in the backyard. When I reached here, I found my family and was thankful to the god,” Anwar added.
On April 22, 2 terrorists associated with the suicide squad of Jaish-e-Mohammad got eliminated. They had infiltrated recently and were directed by their Pak handlers to carry out the Fidayeen attack in Jammu City.

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