Embassy of India in Afghanistan’s Kabul has resumed functioning on Monday, after temporary suspension for year. Indian embassy in Kabul resumed its functionality on Monday, August 15. A year of suspension came shortly after Taliban took over Afghanistan last year. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the decision and mentioned hope for good ties

After a year of suspension of diplomatic ties with Afghanistan and the Indian Embassy shutting down operations in August 2021, the embassy in Kabul resumed its functionality on Monday, August 15. The Indian Embassy had adjourned its offices while functionaries had left Kabul after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan which led to the collapse of the civic government and then President Ashraf Ghani fleeing Afghan land.

The spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an exclusive conversation with India Today TV, said that diplomats from the country arrived in Kabul on August 13 with the objective of resuming work at the consulate.

“We welcome Indian diplomats and have assured them of full cooperation and security in Afghanistan, ” Abdul Qahar Balkhi said.

While underscoring that the Taliban-led government has been keen on striking good relations with all neighbouring countries, including India, Balkhi stated that various projects undertaken by the country are incomplete in Afghanistan.

“We expect India to restart work on them for the development of Afghanistan,” he said.

While answering a query on the progress of India-led projects in his country, he said, “There are many projects taken up by India in Afghanistan, some are half completed and others are more than half.”

In a key development, the spokesperson refuted all claims pertaining to reports of China building an army base in Afghanistan. Rebutting claims, Balkhi said that the Taliban Cabinet wants to maintain diplomatic and economic ties with neighbouring countries.

“We will not allow our land for political goals,” he said.

Taking to Twitter, Balki welcomed the resumption of diplomatic ties and shared, “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes India’s step to upgrade its diplomatic representation in Kabul. Besides ensuring security, we will pay close attention to the immunity of the diplomats and cooperate well in endeavours.”

Following weeks of rapid insurgency and territorial gains from retreating Afghan Armed Forces, the Taliban declared the country the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021. The use of force, coupled with the military’s reduced number of fighters, the Ghani-led government was compelled to surrender. The takeover gained momentum after the US and NATO troops finalised and completed their withdrawal after 20 years on Afghan land.

Subsequently, special flights were arranged by the Ministry of External Affairs to evacuate Indians in the then war-ravaged country.

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