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Port Louis: According to Le Matinal, Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth officially opened the Metro Express line from Rose Hill to Reduit and praised India for providing the resources and expertise needed to build the nation’s largest railroad project.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Mauritius and other political figures rode the metro for the first time to commemorate the official opening of the Metro Express line, which runs for three to four kilometres from Rose Hill to Reduit. The celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Mauritius and India include this inauguration.

The PM went to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) in Moka, along with other dignitaries, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning, Minister of Tourism, and Indian High Commissioner to Mauritius, to celebrate the official opening of the Rose Hill-Reduit Metro Express line, the Mauritius-based newspaper reported.

PM Jugnauth stressed during the opening ceremony that the new Metro Express line was the largest railroad project completed outside of India using resources and expertise from New Delhi.

He also expressed his gratitude to Indian High Commissioner to Mauritius and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their assistance in assisting Mauritius with the Metro Express project.

He added that the government’s vision for a modern and inclusive Mauritius is taking shape, among other things, through the Metro Express project, according to Le Matinal, despite the many challenges the country is facing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Prime Minister Jugnauth, funding has already been secured for the fourth phase of the Metro Express project, which will be implemented and span around 10 to 15 kilometres from Reduit to Cote d’Or through St. Pierre.

In addition to the Metro Express line, he mentioned in his speech that the Indian government had also provided funding for the new Supreme Court, the ENT Hospital, the Civil Service College, the Forensic Science Laboratory, as well as a sizeable number of social housing units.

The Mauritian people have enthusiastically embraced this new phase of the country’s economic development, the prime minister added. He asserted that up to 55,000 commuters use the Metro Express every day, calling it a modern, efficient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Le Matinal cited him as saying that after the 3,4-kilometer Rose Hill-Reduit line starts operating commercially today, an additional wave of commuters will benefit from the Metro Express service.

Jugnauth added that because social justice and inclusivity are key government priorities, a master plan is being developed to expand the Metro Express project nationally to both urban and rural areas. He continued by saying that the Metro Express will eventually be primarily powered by clean, renewable energy sources and will benefit the country economically and environmentally. He thanked everyone who was involved for getting this job finished so swiftly.

According to PM Jugnauth, the Mahatma Gandhi station is evidence of Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to the educational liberation of the masses in Mauritius and India.

The project, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, and International Trade Alan Ganoo, is remarkable since it is revitalising the transportation industry and improving Mauritius’ public transportation infrastructure. He emphasised that the project is proof of the relationship between Mauritius and India. He also expressed his gratitude to the Indian government for all of the assistance provided to Mauritius in carrying out the Metro Express project. He claims that the initiative is in accordance with the government’s goal of decarbonizing the regional public transportation network.

For her part, Nandini Singla, the Indian High Commissioner, praised all parties participating in the Metro Express project.

According to High Commissioner Singla of India, a grant of USD 25 million and a line of credit worth USD 300 million will be used to pay for the Metro Express’ extension from Reduit to Cote d’Or.

She continued by stating that the lives of its residents as well as the Mauritian landscape would undergo significant change as a result of the upcoming phase, according to Le Matinal.

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