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New Delhi: In a first, it’s possible that Indian Rafale combat aircraft may take part in the international exercise Orion, which is being hosted by France and includes many of its NATO and other key partners.

Rafale fighter aircraft from the Indian Air Force are set to travel to France to take part in Exercise Orion, which is being held at a French air base there. According to defence officials, the wargames will take place from the third week of April through May 5.

According to them, the aircraft that are most likely to participate in the drill are those from the force’s Western Air Command, which includes the Golden Arrows squadron.

With the Russia-Ukraine war as a backdrop, the exercise is taking place in France as NATO, led by the US, opposes Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The IAF’s Rafales have previously taken part in wargames inside of India with foreign nations, such as the Desert Knight wargame with the French Air Force at Jodhpur.

The Rafale and Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft of the French Air Force would participate in the wargames alongside other NATO members.

According to reports, Orion is the largest international exercise ever conducted by the French armed forces, which also included participation from the US and UK as well as the French Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The training involving the land forces of their NATO allies reportedly involved over 7,000 NATO soldiers.

In addition, the Indian Air Force will participate in Exercise Copeindia beginning on April 10 in Kalaikunda, West Bengal. According to insiders, there is a chance that the drill schedule and the availability of American F-15 fighter planes would change.

The most recent fighters to be introduced to the Indian Air Force are the Rafale aircraft, which are regarded as the most powerful in the entire Asian continent.

The 36 Rafales have been fully incorporated, and they have contributed significantly to enhancing the nation’s operational readiness along its borders with China and Pakistan.

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