The Indian World forum stated that resolution passed by the US’ Connecticut influences and promotes Khalistan and thereby challenging the sovereignty of India
On Sunday, the Indian World Forum raised concern over the US State provocation of pro-Khalistani groups. The forum stated that the resolution passed by the US State of Connecticut influences and promotes Khalistan and thereby challenging the sovereignty of India. This comes days after the clashes between Shiv Sena and pro-Khalistan groups in Punjab, US state of Connecticut recognised April 29 as the ‘Anniversary of the declaration of Sikh Independence’.
Indian World Forum Raises Concern
In an exclusive conversation with Republic Media Network, the Indian World Forum President, Puneet Singh Chandhok condemned the resolution and said, “The Sikhs living in India are the law-abiding citizens who even have any differences or grievances with the government still remain within the system and seek their demands within the judicial system. Unfortunately, Anti-India elements sitting outside the country and working at the behest of different countries and security agencies have been again and again trying to sabotage and disturb the communal harmony in the state of Punjab in particular”.
“With such resolution being passed by the state of Connecticut in the US, it will be clearly influencing a separatist ideology that Sikhs of India don’t advocate. There were certain differences during the 1984 riots, certain resolutions were passed. Sikhs always thrive for a progressive and prosperous India and never strive to disrupt the peace of any country. It’s shocking to know that the state of Connecticut’s general assembly has passed an official citation and the Mayor has tendered his resignation. Such activities clearly instigate a separatist ideology that we don’t advocate. I was brutally attacked on August 25, 2018, by the Khalistan agents working at the behest of ISI Pakistan and by the activists of Sikhs for justice. To date, I have not received justice from the US authorities instead they are more interested in passing such a kind of resolution which indirectly promotes Khalistani ideologies,” said Indian World Forum President.
Puneet Singh Chandhok stated, “This is totally unacceptable and I strongly raised my concern on the highest level that the US administration should take note of it and take appropriate action so that such kind of activities that disturb the harmony and integrity of any nation should be immediately stooped”.

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