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Mumbai: On Monday, in the presence of Admiral R. Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff, the Indian Navy commissioned the fifth Kalvari Class submarine, INS Vagir, built by Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd., into service.

The INS Vagir, which literally translates to “sand shark” and stands for stealth and bravery, was created locally using technology that was transferred from France, enhancing the Navy’s fighting prowess.

According to officials, it will further strengthen the Navy’s capacity to advance Indian maritime interests in thwarting adversaries and for ISR to deliver a decisive blow in times of crisis.

According to the officials, it also boasts a cutting-edge torpedo decoy system, can launch marine commandos for special operations, and has powerful diesel engines that can quickly recharge batteries for stealth missions.

The same-named submarine, which served the country valiantly for three decades beginning in November 1973 and was decommissioned in January 2001, leaves a wonderful legacy behind with the INS Vagir.

INS Vagir was created as part of Project-75, an initiative by the Indian Navy to build six Scorpene-class submarines domestically. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy has already commissioned four Kalvari-class submarines.

The INS Vagir was constructed domestically at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited in Mumbai with assistance from Naval Group, France. The former “Vagir,” which was first put into service on 1 November 1973, carried out a great deal of operational missions and deterrent patrols in the Indian Ocean region (IOR). Nevertheless, after thirty years of service, the submarine was deactivated in January 2001.

On November 12, 2020, the submarine was relaunched and given the name “Vagir.” Its first sea sortie was in February 2022. Notably, before being approved for commission, the submarine underwent a number of thorough acceptance examinations along with tough sea trials. The Sand Shark (Vagir) symbolises “Stealth and Fearlessness,” two characteristics that are fundamental to a submariner’s code of conduct.

In the opinion of Commanding Officer CDR Divakar S, INS Vagir is capable of being stationed both near to the coast and in the middle of the ocean. According to ANI, CDR Divakar stated, “It would be ready to meet all the requirements of the Navy and the country.”

It should be noted that Vagir’s induction represents yet another step in the Indian Navy’s consolidation of its position as a builder’s Navy. It also showcases MDL’s prowess as a top ship and submarine construction facility.

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