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On Wednesday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar reiterated India’s steadfast position against international terrorism, emphasising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative in addressing security concerns.

Thinking back to earlier times, Jaishankar highlighted how India’s position on cross-border terrorism prior to the PM Modi administration, highlighting a significant change since the 2008 Mumbai bombings, saying, “That era is now behind us.” There haven’t been any significant terrorist acts in our nation since the 26/11 strikes in Mumbai. In India today, Uri is our response to any terrorist occurrence.”

Jaishankar underscored the vital importance of border security, recognising that every citizen depends on it.

“Security is a significant concern in these border districts, and it holds immense importance in the minds of every citizen,”

Jaishankar lauded the commitment and tenacity of India’s armed forces while highlighting the difficulties encountered on the country’s northern frontiers. “Even in the northern borders, despite facing various hardships such as extreme weather conditions and pandemics, our forces stand firm, ready to confront any adversity,” he said.

Jaishankar drew a sharp contrast between the governance of the past and the present while highlighting the revolutionary effect of PM Modi’s leadership. The distinction is due to Modi ji. PM Modi was not present earlier, but he is now present. That explains the change that has occurred over the past ten years,” he said.

Drawing on his vast background in government service, Jaishankar emphasised the value of decisiveness and strong leadership. “When the system senses capable leadership, instructions are clear,

“We can make our case more easily, and even if we have to take some action, we are certain of it. We don’t hesitate to act because we are confident in our support,” the EAM added.

Having served in the government for 47 years, I have witnessed numerous prime ministers and administrations. However, I can assure you that in the past ten years, when I have discussed foreign policy, you will see these outcomes when there is good governance, when there is leadership, when there is commitment, and when there is a connection with the public, if you visit other ministries, look into various issues, and examine governance,” Jaishankar continued.

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