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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar referred to India’s G20 presidency as “an example of political and economic rebalancing” on Sunday, highlighting the joyous atmosphere and celebration of the occasion throughout the nation.

Speaking on Sunday in the nation’s capital at a Delhi heritage event organised by the Sabhyata Foundation, Jaishankar stated, “Our G20 presidency was celebrated by the entire country.” This was, in many respects, a case of political and economic rebalancing, whereby the small number of nations that had previously ruled, influenced, or dominated the world have expanded. And it’s obvious that India’s involvement was acknowledged here.”

“After political and economic rebalancing, today’s battle is for cultural rebalancing,” stated the External Affairs Minister, noting that the focus has shifted to “cultural rebalancing” following the event that garnered international attention due to its sheer scale and successful hosting. In other words, how do we acknowledge the world’s total diversity? How can the distortions of an age dominated by a small number of nations and regions be undone? We must thereby project our own history, civilization, culture, way of life, faith, and beliefs if we are to survive in the modern world. And I think that’s just as important in international relations and diplomacy as traditional politics.”

Gratitude for the Sabhyata Foundation

Jaishankar continued, “Today, there is a lot of talk about a rising Bharat. It is incumbent upon people, especially the youth, to acquire knowledge about the country’s heritage if they were to understand what the country was aspiring after.” But if people need to figure out where they’re going, it helps to know where they’ve been from. Thus, in our own imaginations, defining who we will be depends greatly on who we are and where we are,” Jaishankar continued.

As a professional diplomat, Jaishankar had extensive travels throughout the world and dipped into the “unparalleled depth and complexity of the Mahabharata”.

“Having travelled much during his life, having familiarity with several

“If we are really to become a self-confident nation, seeking to project our civilisational power in the world, we have to develop our own mindset, our own metaphors, our own situations, and, in fact, be much more aware of our own history,” he stated.

“Significance of programmes like this, to my mind are extremely invaluable,” Jaishankar concluded.

“I again compliment all those who are, through their efforts and their creativity, making it possible once again,” he said.

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