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Eight additional police officers were hurt in the suicide attack that occurred in the tehsil compound, which houses the Bara Police Station, government buildings, and a CTD cell.

When the attack first broke out, it was initially claimed that one officer had died and numerous others had been hurt.

In this case, a terrorist entered the compound and blew himself up when he was stopped by the police. Two terrorists who entered the compound through the main and back gates led the suicide attack, according to KP Inspector General Akhtar Hayat. According to The News International, the attack resulted in the deaths of both terrorists.

According to police reports on the situation, the explosion caused a portion of the CTD’s cell to collapse. The bomb disposal team and CTD teams were on the scene, and rescue and search efforts were in progress.

The 10 injured cops, according to the rescue workers, have been sent to various hospitals for treatment.

A shooting incident in the Regi neighbourhood of Peshawar earlier on Wednesday night resulted in the deaths of two police officers and the injury of an equal number, inflicting further harm on the KP police.

At the entry checkpoint near Regi Model Town Police Station, the police were shot at by unidentified armed males who then escaped, according to the police. The hurt officers were sent to Khyber Teaching Hospital for medical attention.

Following the restoration of the Afghan Taliban to power in August 2021, Pakistan has seen an increase in terrorist assaults and has urged the interim leaders to take serious action against terrorists, particularly the TTP responsible for cross-border attacks.

According to a statistical report published by the non-governmental Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), terrorism has increased in Pakistan by 79% during the first half of 2023.

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