Launch of diving support craft for the Indian Navy by Titagarh Rail Systems

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Aradhna Mahindru, wife of Vice Admiral Sanjay Mahindru, AVSM, NM, deputy chief of the Naval Staff (DCNS), attended the launch ceremony.

A cutting-edge vessel with cutting-edge technological capabilities, the DSC makes diving operations possible in any conceivable underwater environment. According to the statement, it also has state-of-the-art diving equipment and tools to provide the Indian Navy’s divers with unmatched support.

“We are overjoyed to introduce the Indian Navy to the first DSC. We are devoted to upholding our enviable reputation for producing high-quality ships, and this key milestone for us, said Umesh Chowdhary, vice-chairman and managing director of TRSL.

The DSC project, according to Vice Admiral Sanjay Mahindru, “is a testament to the defense ministry’s ‘Make In India’ program and would help fill any gaps in the mission requirements of the Indian Navy’s CCDTs. These DSCs will primarily service ships that are parked in different harbors, but they will also be an excellent training ground for the diving cadre of the Indian Navy. These vessels, in our opinion, will fundamentally alter how diving operations are carried out.

The DSC gives the Indian Navy a significant boost in capabilities and will help it keep a competitive edge in the maritime sphere. According to the statement, it is also a noteworthy accomplishment for the Indian shipbuilding industry and evidence of the nation’s rising defense industry independence.

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