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With close integration to Ozonetel’s unified CX platform, which has won several awards, the digital CX solution package assists businesses in planning and executing customer journeys across various digital touchpoints. Millions of digital consumer interactions on WhatsApp, social media, SMS, and other cutting-edge messaging platforms can now be powered and managed by businesses. With the use of these digital channels and Ozonetel’s voice solutions, a complete customer experience can be provided on a single, cohesive CX platform.

Many businesses find it difficult to take advantage of new technologies in the digital world of today. Lack of a common interface to scale up real-time, cross-channel consumer contact management and analysis is a significant barrier. This impedes business growth prospects by leading to fragmented interactions and poor client experiences. Furthermore, businesses

“There has never been a stronger link between exceptional CX and business growth,” stated Prashanth Kancherla, Chief Product Officer of Ozonetel, in discussing the unlimited potential of the AI-led digital CX solution suite. Additionally, digitization and AI play a revolutionary role in this. To take advantage of this potential, Ozonetel has created a portfolio of digital CX solutions. Numerous of our corporate clients have already embraced our digital CX offering and are using it to propel their businesses forward, doubling average order values for e-commerce, increasing brand engagement five times in the hospitality industry, and doubling ROI on sales in real estate. We think that this package will help companies to hyperscale customer engagement, radically rethink CX for today’s digital-first consumer, and accelerate corporate success.

Digital Customer Journeys: Companies may eliminate fragmented customer encounters and unconnected CX by using low-code, intuitive solutions to organise numerous digital customer journeys.

expands the client base and makes it possible to engage customers at scale and in real time through a variety of digital platforms.

uses GenAI-powered chatbots and smooth human handoff to power millions of client interactions across various digital channels, enhancing the customer experience.

gives team members in the field the ability to interact with customers digitally at any time, from any location, without sacrificing security or privacy.

enables organisations to use various channels (digital and/or voice) simultaneously, creating a unified experience for customers and increasing sales conversions and service resolution times.

provides agents with practical guidance based on millions of digital encounters in real time. enables companies to improve customer experience by utilising Voice of the Customer and GenAI insights.

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