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Mahindra’s ALSV is equipped with a Spanish 120mm Alakran mortar.

MADRID — Everis Aerospace and Defence, a Spanish corporation, is eyeing the Indian market. This business has fitted their 120 mm Alakran mortar system onto the ALSV chassis. Mahindra’s ALSV is an Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle.

The ALSV is presently in production for the Indian Army, which has ordered 1,300 units from Mahindra. The model with the mortar mounted features a shielded compartment with two doors. The Alakran mortar is positioned on the back platform. This mortar may be placed into the rear of light 44 vehicles or heavy armoured vehicles.

Last year, the ALSV with Alakran was spotted at an Indian defence show. The Asian country has yet to get official confirmation of the procurement of this system.

System Characteristics

In the case of a 120mm mortar firing with 7 chargers (or a maximum range of over 8,000 metres), the recoil will be equivalent to a mass of 3.600 Kg falling from 5 metres. This is a massive force that would necessitate a massive vehicle as well as a recoil absorber system to handle the massive quantity of energy. Until the creation of the Alakran by NTGS, a company of the Everis Aerospace and Defence Group, this was the industry’s solution.

Alakran’s revolutionary technology tackles current mortar carrier operational concerns such as overload, vehicle reinforcement, big platforms, overheating, limited firing capabilities, and so on.

Alakran is simple to use and maintains the typical mortar tube’s efficacy and efficiency because it does not utilise a recoil absorber system. Similarly, its electromechanical pointing system operates at high speed and accuracy.

Alakran software includes GIS technology as well as innovative capabilities such as Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact, which simplify operations by enhancing the mortar effect over the adversary.

Configuration Basics

The system’s basic configuration includes a crew of three and up to 60 120 mm mortar charges and accompanying components. It also features sophisticated shot control technology with a flat-screen. The Alakran mortar claims a maximum range of 7,180m for its HE grenades. Ukrainian industry has also produced a 120 mm laser-guided mortar shell. It has a high-explosive warhead and a somewhat longer range of 7,500 metres. Ukroboronservice released a video of tests using half a dozen of these systems in mid-2019.

It also features an auto-targeting system that incorporates a GIS [Geographic Information System] and an open BMS [Battle Management System] for the collaborative usage of various Alakran units, as well as target identification elements, in the most recent versions. The mechanism also allows for the attachment of a mortar with a lower calibre of 81 mm.

Quick Operations

The vehicle is ready to shoot in 35 seconds and returns to target in just eight seconds. It takes 25 seconds to retract. The incorporation of a patented fire control system that shows its location and that of assigned targets, as well as a ballistic calculation system for numerous types of ammunition, enables operation from the cockpit and outside the vehicle. The range varies between 6.5 km and 8 km with 81 mm and 120 mm.

It boasts a high rate of fire, firing 12 bullets in the first minute and four in continuous fire. It is designed for use in severe and desert situations, with protection against sun radiation, dust, and water, to which an included

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