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On the occasion of Sain GM Syed’s 119th birthday, the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) organised protest marches against state brutality in the Sindhi cities of Kandyaro and Tharirri Mohabbat.

The rally culminated at the press club after marching through the city. There, office bearers of the Jeay Sindh Freedom movement spoke out against state institutions like the Sindh Rangers and State Police attacking workers, women, and children.

Additionally, protesters published a memorandum denouncing the shootings and shelling that occurred in Sann on January 17.

Earlier, as the rally moved around the city, protesters chanted anti-state fascism and oppression slogans. Rallies changed into demonstrations once they arrived at press clubs.

State terrorism will not be tolerated, and slogans were raised for the return of national workers who have been forcibly vanished by the government.

Speaking to the crowd during the protests, JSFM leaders in attendance warned the government not to take the organisation for granted because it is a political revolutionary organisation committed to Sindh’s freedom and adheres to GM Syed’s philosophy.

The leaders emphasised that even if it meant sacrificing children, homes, and families, they were prepared to make the sacrifice and that they would not give up.

Finally, the demonstrators issued a warning to the government. They claimed that Sindh was at its breaking point and that the state should only inflict as much suffering on the population as it can withstand in the days ahead because all such atrocities committed against the country’s defenceless men, women, and children would eventually be held accountable.

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