‘Begin concern with Chagos Islands’ Mir Junaid Tears Into UK MP’s Claim On J&K; ‘As A Kashmiri Muslim, I Want To Remind…’
Tearing through Gwynne’s claims, Mir Junaid questioned why the Pakistan and ‘ISI-backed tirade’ against J&K was never highlighted by the UK.
Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party President Mir Junaid on Saturday issued a befitting response to a UK Parliamentarian who attempted to spew propaganda against India in the British parliament. Raising the ‘human rights violations’ in J&K, Labour MP Andrew Gwynne had rebuked PM Boris Johnson’s visit to India and the trade deals signed between the two nations.
“We should be concerned about the human rights abuses towards religious minorities across India. We should be concerned about the revocation of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir by the Indian Government,” Andrew Gwynne had said.
“I do wish the Prime Minister (Johnson) was here to answer because the Minister said earlier ‘we do not pursue trade at the cost of human rights’. If that’s correct what clauses to protect human rights does the government intend to put into any trade deal with India?” he had asked.
‘You are terrified of India’s independence’: Mir Junaid

“As a Kashmiri Muslim, I’d want to remind you that yes, our Human Rights are being violated, by Pakistani-backed armed terrorists,” Mir Junaid clapped back. Tearing through Gwynne’s claims, he questioned why the ‘ISI-backed tirade’ against J&K was never highlighted by the UK.
“Because it is not a Human Rights violation that worries you. If that was the case, you’d be asking these questions about Pakistan, Baluchistan, Xinjiang and China. But you won’t,” he said.
“But you have nothing to do with Human Rights. You are a country that’s terrified of India’s independence – Economic , Foreign Policy, and Political. You’re afraid that India doesn’t care, and rightly so. You must be afraid,” he added.
Reminding the UK parliamentarian that the ‘Empire on which the sun never set is long gone,’ Junaid suggested that the country start raising Human Rights violations with Chagos Islands perhaps.
“You still continue to be a colonizer despite ICC rulings against you. Talk about their human rights. And if there’s some space left within that gigantic hypocritic black hole, take a stroll in your Museum. That would tell you what Human Rights Violation means,” he said.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid an official visit to India at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 21-22 April. After his two-day visit, Johnson, on Sunday, hailed the partnership of ‘peace and prosperity’ with India. Both the leaders held delegation-level talks at the Hyderabad House in Delhi and signed various trade agreements. The two leaders also expressed satisfaction at the progress in the implementation of the ambitious Roadmap 2030 for India-UK future relations that was launched at the Virtual Summit.

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