The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately Quantity 24 Enhanced Capability Global Navigation Satellite System (ECGNSS) Jammer and associated equipment.

Intended Use of Equipment (Operational Requirements)

The ECGNSS Jammer is intended to protect our assets from hostile aircraft (utilising SNS based navigation), guided weapons/ missile/drone/ small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) by jamming and spoofing the on-board GNSS thereby degrading their navigation/weapon delivery capabilities.

Broad Requirements – System Specifications

The System should be able to Jam different SNS Constellations & ISM bands. The System should be able to spoof both in space and time domain different SNS Constellations. Constellations to be jammed and spoofed should be selectable with option for simultaneous jamming for all GNSS constellations. System should be capable of being controlled through a GUI on a laptop/PC locally and remotely via user network. System should provide both Omnidirectional and directional coverage. Directional antenna should be slew-able with manual intervention locally and through GUI remotely. Directional antenna should have provision to slew in Azimuth and manually in elevation. The directional antenna should be able to rotate ±180. The rate of rotation should be as fast as possible. The positioning accuracy of the antenna should be good The range of the jamming (both for omni and directional) should be controllable by user. The mapping of range to power output level to be provided for facilitating jamming distance.

The system should be configurable and controllable locally through the system PC and remotely over user network. The system should have a provision for accepting track data over network for cueing of the directional antenna. System should be compatible with existing IAF communication network with adequate IT and network security features. The system should work on 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase power supply, commercial as well as captive using DG Sets. It should have self-sufficiency in terms of captive power supply for 24×7 operations. The feasibility of providing green power technology based solution (Fuel cell/Solar).

The system shall confirm to operate under environmental condition with latest test methods of JSS 55555, EMI/EMC as per latest MIL STD 461E/ F and ESS as per latest MIL STD 2164 or any other latest National / International Military standard. System should be able to operate in terrains with temperature ranging from -200 C to + 550 C and height up to minimum 5000 mtrs (AMSL).

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