Monte Carlo: As India and Monaco are having a discussion about the potential collaboration between the two countries, Frederic Genta, Monaco’s Minister of Attractiveness and Digital Transition said that Monaco can be a great showroom for Indian technology.

“We met with Indian Ambassador Jawed Ashraf and had a discussion about the potential collaboration between the two countries. I think Monaco can be a great showroom for Indian technology,” he said in an exclusive interview with ANI.

“We are a very small and agile country. So companies that want to have a real experience in a real country to show their technology can come to Monaco at the same time.”

Speaking of the Indian ecosystem, Genta said that India has a lot of talent, a lot of imagination and creativity. He said Monaco investors need to know more about India and the talent there to get a better understanding of the ecosystem.

He said, “The job that India is doing is astonishing. It’s an example for us that having such a big population the country has been able to scale at an incredible pace during Covid-19, which destroyed the world.”

“They have the best engineers in the world. Great companies, leaders in the tech world, and even the CEO of Google and Microsoft are Indian. They speak English, they have great family businesses as well. I met many of them when I was a student at Harvard. It is a great opportunity to partner with a great country like India and we are proud to be able to work with the country with such great minds,” he added.

Talking about the digital ecosystem of Monaco, Genta said that Monaco has been doing a lot of work on digital transformation. He said, “We were the first country in the world to launch 5G in all territories and have a sovereign cloud. We have a digital identity everywhere here. Monaco is moving fast with education and economy.”

“Monaco has a great ecosystem for Indian companies to grow and test. For the investors in Monaco, I think it’s a great opportunity to access a huge country like India and be able to contribute to the Indian ecosystem. So, it is two ways between us, investing in India, and Indian companies moving to Monaco to have a real showroom in the Principality (Monaco) for the digital products,” he added.

Genta said that the Indian residents who moved to Monaco can be the bridge between the two countries. It can help to enhance the relationship between India and Monaco. He was optimistic that the recent discussion between India and Monaco will strengthen their diplomatic ties.

“We have to learn more about India. It is a huge country and Monaco is very small. We are less than a lakh of people. But we have many Indian nationals, who have moved here. Since they know the Indian ecosystem, they could be a bridge between the two countries. Our mutual ambassadors can help Indian companies to come and invest here. They can also make sure that we invest more in India and that we understand the Indian ecosystem better,” he asserted.

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