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Singapore: According to the Singapore-based online news source The Singapore Post, Chinese President Xi Jinping termed his term in office as the “new ear,” during which he will start a national exercise to discipline the communist party and its units for improved administration.

In the second week of January, Jinping spoke at the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China’s plenary meeting.

During the discussion, Xi emphasised that maintaining discipline is the “rule” for running the party. He claimed that party members typically behave restrainedly.

According to The Singapore Post, the president suggested giving discipline a higher priority and that “tight standards must be enforced in the entire process of party rule creation, party discipline teaching, and discipline enforcement supervision.”

Every member of the Communist Party must be familiar with the Party Constitution, according the new Communist Party manual. They ought to read the Party Constitution and follow its rules.

According to a recent report by Chinese official media, party members should “get into the habit of working and living in a controlled and restrained atmosphere,” as reported by The Singapore Post.

The CCP continues to face leadership problems like the test of long-term rule, reform and modernization, recovery of the market economy, and of the external environment despite the election of Jinping for an unprecedented third term, according to di Valerio Fabbri writing in Geopolitica.Info.

The main reasons why the Chinese people have lost faith in Xi’s leadership and the CCP are linked to passive corruption, the party’s authoritarian working style, and the separation of the government from the people.

Liu Haixing, the deputy director of the Central National Security Commission office, who recently penned an article on national security concerns for People’s Daily and was quoted by Fabbri in Geopolitica, asserts this.

According to information, the communist administration would inevitably face new issues as a result of its current national crises.

The media recently reported that China, under Chairman Xi Jinping, thought it was wiser than anyone else. In fact, instead of wisdom, it turned out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Xi was pursuing nothing other than obstinate exceptionalism, believing it could do what no other nation on Earth could achieve.

Xi and his apparatchiks believed that China could defeat the coronavirus on the strength of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” alone, while others had failed. As a result, China substantially engaged on an intolerable policy of zero COVID for three long years, isolating entire towns at a time. According to media sources, it also produced a sizable army of minions dressed in white suits and masks who paraded across the nation to impose the emperor’s will.

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