Negotiations with India are not possible, according to Shehbaz Sharif, until the “illegal action” on occupied Kashmir is reversed.

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New Delhi: Following Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s statement that “We have learned our lesson” and “We want to live in peace with India, provided we are able to resolve our genuine problems,” in an interview with Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV, the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office brought up the Kashmir issue and demanded the reinstatement of Art 370.

“The Prime Minister has indicated on the record numerous times that negotiations cannot proceed until India retracts its illegal action from August 5, 2019, which it must do first. The UN resolutions and the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir must be followed in order for the Kashmir dispute to be resolved “read the statement from the Pakistan PMO.

The Prime Minister made this stance extremely clear in an interview with the Al Arabiya television channel during a recent visit to the UAE, according to the Spokesman.

The statement from the Prime Minister’s Office continued, “In reference to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s interview with Al Arabiya channel, the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office has said that the Prime Minister had consistently maintained that Pakistan and India must resolve their bilateral issues, particularly the crucial Jammu & Kashmir issue, through dialogue and peaceful means.

In 2019, on August 5, the Government of India repealed Article 35 A and the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and the state was divided into two union territories.

In the meantime, Sharif urged “serious and earnest conversations” on “hot points like Kashmir” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After three wars with India, Sharif stated in an interview with Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV that Pakistan had learned its lesson and now desired peace with its neighbour.

“Let’s get down at the table and have meaningful, sincere conversations to tackle our pressing issues, including Kashmir, is my message to the Indian leadership and Prime Minister Modi. It is up to us whether we coexist quietly and advance or fight and squander time and resources “added Sharif.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan stated, “We have fought three wars with India, and they have only served to increase people’s suffering, poverty, and unemployment,” in an interview with an Arabic television programme based in Dubai.

The proscribed organisation Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which had broken a ceasefire with the nation’s security forces late last year, is now carrying out more terrorist attacks in Pakistan, which is also grappling with a severe economic crisis, public discontent with the ruling regime due to the flour crisis and fuel shortage, among other thing

“We have a neighbouring relationship with India. Let’s be clear: even if we didn’t want to live next to each other, we are there forever, and it is up to us whether we choose to coexist amicably and advance or fight and waste time and resources. We must decide that “In an interview with Al Arabiya, Sharif remarked.

In November of last year, India retaliated against Pakistan for bringing up the Kashmir conflict during a UN debate, calling it “desperate attempts to peddle falsehoods.”

s, and rising instances of political unrest.

“We’re here to talk about UNSC changes, and yet again a Pakistani official has brought up Jammu and Kashmir without justification. Regardless of what the representative of Pakistan thinks, Jammu and Kashmir is a crucial and inalienable part of India “During the right to reply period of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting on the UN Security Council, Pratik Mathur, Permanent Mission of India to the UN, spoke.

He continued, “Pakistan’s desperate efforts to disseminate lies and a horrible history of abusing the sanctity of multilateral forums deserve common condemnation and possibly empathy as well.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the minister of foreign affairs for Pakistan, discussed alleged human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s accusations were addressed by India during a crucial UN General Assembly session on the

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