OMAR TO EX-ARMY CHIEF: “If military outfits succeed in derailing J&K polls, there will be no gains in Kashmir.”

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Omar Abdullah, the leader of the National Conference, stated on Wednesday that it would be shameful if the Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections were called off because of the “extremist forces” that have been attacking the area in Jammu for the past few days.

Abdullah responded that it would be equivalent to caving in to the extremist groups to postpone Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections by a year, in response to the proposal made by former Army Chief General (Retd) V P Malik.

Yes, feel free to succumb to these radical forces so they may feel like they’ve accomplished something. If violent groups are successful in sabotaging the polls that the PM, HM, and Election Commission have promised to hold before the

He said he was surprised that Gen. Malik was advocating for delaying elections because he had seen Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir just after the 1999 Kargil conflict.

The fact that this came from an army officer who witnessed Lok Sabha elections taking place in J&K just after the Kargil War and during the height of militancy in 1999 is even more unexpected. How unfortunate!” stated Abdullah.

Speaking on a private TV news channel, Gen. Malik stated that the elections should be postponed for a year since a few terrorist successes in the Jammu region could lead to a resurgence of the situation in Kashmir.

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