‘Our position is quite well known…’: MEA on Russia-Ukraine war

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The Ministry of External Affairs stated on Thursday that India’s view on the Russia-Ukraine war is well known and has been conveyed at various levels.

Randhir Jaiswal, the MEA’s official spokeswoman, stated during a press briefing on Thursday that “our position is very well known.”

“We have said this at various levels, at the highest levels that india desires that there be discussion, there be diplomacy, there be constant engagements so that both sides can come together and find peace,” he went on to say.

Jaiswal’s comments came in response to a media inquiry about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which is nearing its third year.

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has questioned the UN Security Council for failing to resolve the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has lasted more than two years.

At a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on the situation in Ukraine, Kamboj expressed India’s worries while repeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stance that “this is not an era of war.” He called for the change of “outdated and archaic structures.”

PM Modi stated, at his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the margins of the Shanghai Cooperation Summit (SCO) in Samarkand in 2022, that “this is not an era of war.”

“At this point, as the conflict has persisted uninterrupted for two years, we, the Committee of UN Member States, must halt and ask ourselves two urgent issues. One, are we anywhere near an acceptable solution? And, if not, why is the UN system, notably its main instrument, the United Nations Security Council, tasked with primarily maintaining international peace and security? Why is it entirely unsuccessful in resolving the ongoing conflict? Kamboj spoke.

“For multilateralism to be effective, obsolete and archaic structures must be reformed and reinvented; otherwise, their credibility would dwindle. “And unless we address that systemic flaw, we will continue to be found wanting,” she stated.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations underlined that member nations must remain focused on shared objectives in order to achieve development goals. She emphasised that member nations should strive for greater cooperation as they work towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

“I will restate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that ‘this is not a war era’. We must remain focused on our shared objectives in order to achieve our development goals, as well as the partnerships and cooperation that will be required to do so,” Kamboj stated.

Since the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, India has advocated for a peaceful resolution through communication and diplomacy.

On February 24, 2022, Russia began a military invasion in Ukraine. The operation has since expanded to become the greatest attack on a European country since World War II.

Premier Zelenskyy addressed a press conference and refuted Russian allegations of far more Ukrainian deaths.

The Ukrainian President stated that “tens of thousands of civilians in occupied parts of the country” had been slaughtered.

Ukraine’s war losses are a closely guarded secret, but US authorities believe that over 70,000 servicemen have been killed and roughly twice that many wounded, according to CNN.

The announcement is crucial since, throughout the conflict, Kyiv has been reticent to disclose the number of soldiers killed.

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