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Malakal: The UN has awarded UN medals to over 1,000 Indian peacekeepers, including five female Army personnel, for their crucial efforts in the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

“#India, take a bow. Exactly 1,171 of your finest boys and girls have been awarded United Nations medals for their critical UNMISS efforts in Upper Nile, South Sudan. Major Jasmine Chattha and two of her female coworkers tell us about their experiences “In a tweet on Thursday, the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) stated.

There was something unusual about this year’s medal presentation for Indian peacekeepers in Upper Nile. Major Jasmine Chattha led the parade of the massive number of soldiers, engineers, and medical personnel for the first time.

“It has been an honour to represent my unit on this momentous day. By promoting women as leaders, we are sending a strong message to South Sudanese society in general, and women in particular. In our job, for example, when we rebuild roads or attempt to mitigate floods, we come into contact with the local populace, and they notice that we, as women, are leading a team and are respected and listened to “She was reported as saying

While it is true that India’s peacekeeping deployment in Upper Nile is almost all male, Major Chattha was not the only lady to win a medal for her country’s great work: five of the 1,171 personnel awarded the shiny pieces of metal were females.

One of them was Captain Karishma Kathayat, an engineer. She, like Major Chattha, comes from a military family. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help folks live better lives. We’re here to help. We are quite proud of our engineering work “She stated.

The Indian contingent operating with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), according to the UN, may be most known for its efforts to develop and maintain key infrastructure.

Deadly fighting in Adhidiang and Kodok, where over 11,000 displaced people remain congregated near to a UNMISS military installation, has resulted in unimaginable misery and injuries.

Since September of last year, Indian medical personnel have performed life-saving emergency surgery on five children.

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