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The claim made by Russia is that Pakistan is helping Ukraine with technical know-how regarding nukes while also sending weapons

Igor Morozov, a member of the defence committee of the Federation Council of Russia, alleged that Pakistan and Ukraine discussed technologies for creating nuclear weapons.

According to a report by the Russian state-run news agency, Ukrainian specialists went to Pakistan and received a delegation from there to discuss technologies and know-how for creating nuclear weapons.

The allegation comes after Russia alleged that Ukraine is making ‘dirty bombs’ to escalate the conflict.

A “dirty bomb” is a container which contains radioactive isotopes along with the traditional explosive charge. The charge detonates destroying the container and the radioactive material is spread by a shockwave which then causes radioactive contamination in the immediate vicinity as well as to areas which were not close to the blast.

The ‘dirty bomb’ is a type of tactical nuclear weapon.

Morozov made the allegations during a press conference which was part of the Ukrainian dossier special project. He said that it is not a secret that Ukraine can create a ‘dirty bomb’ but questioned who are invested in the project.

Morozov alleged that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is in talks with his counterparts in the UK and the US discussing the issue of nuclear weapons. “A low-yield nuclear charge can be used with the Tochka-U ammunition,” Morozov said.

Pakistan could end up upsetting China as China and Russia have only grown closer after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the so-called ‘military operation’ in Ukraine.

China has called for diplomacy and dialogue but continues to maintain strong ties with Russia as both nations face the challenge of being isolated by the US and the West.

News agency ANI in a report citing news website GeoPolitik also reported that Pakistan is using third-country-based defence suppliers and contractors to send arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

Russian news agencies have also in the past claimed that Pakistan’s Noor Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi is now a key base for the UK to facilitate transportation of military equipment for the Ukrainian Army.

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