PM MODI and the CEO of the US multinational technology company NVIDIA spoke about India’s significant potential for artificial intelligence.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang met in New Delhi on Monday. PM Modi and Huang had a lengthy conversation about the enormous potential that India has in the field of artificial intelligence.

Jensen Huang praised India’s advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, according to PM Modi in a post that was published on X, the platform that replaced Twitter.

Had a fantastic meeting with Mr. Jensen Huang, the CEO of @nvidia, according to PM Modi’s tweet on X. We spoke at length about India’s enormous potential in the field of artificial intelligence. Mr. Jensen Huang was pleased with the advancements India has achieved in this area and equally optimistic about the country’s gifted youth.

Jansen Huang started the US-based technology startup Nvidia in 1993. According to the corporate statement, Jansen Huang has been the organization’s CEO and a member of the board of directors since it was founded.

In a previous statement made in June, Prime Minister Modi emphasised the importance of G20 countries finding the proper balance between the potential and risks presented by digital technology, which he referred to as a force multiplier for expanding educational opportunity and preparing for the requirements of the future.

PM Modi spoke by video message at the G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting in Pune and touched on the potential of artificial intelligence, which has enormous potential in the fields of education, learning, and skill development.

The G20 countries, with their unique assets, can play a critical role in fostering research and innovation, particularly in the Global South, the Prime Minister emphasised. The dignitaries were urged by him to pave the way for more research collaborations.

PM Modi noted that education is not only the cornerstone upon which India’s civilization has been constructed, but also the architect of humanity’s future, and that constant skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling are crucial to make youth future-ready.

The Prime Minister shed light on the importance placed on research and innovation by pointing out that India has established 10,000 ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ around the nation, which serve as research and innovation nurseries for our schoolchildren. He stated that in these labs, more than 1.2 million creative projects are being worked on by more than 7.5 million pupils.

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