PM Modi discusses his 40-year relationship with France at an Indian Diaspora event.

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He remembered joining the Alliance Francaise, the French cultural centre in India, around 40 years ago and being the first person to register with it.

At La Seine Musicale in Paris, Prime Minister Modi spoke with the Indian community. He remarked, “Friends, personally, my fondness for France has been for a very long time and I cannot forget it. Alliance Francaise, a French cultural hub, was founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, some 40 years ago. And right now, the first representative of the Indian cultural centre is speaking in front of you. The French government provided me a replica of that identity card a few years ago, and I still value it today.

The mission of Alliance Francais is to advance French language and culture internationally. Ahead of France’s National Day, PM Modi wished the French people well and thanked them for their invitation. He said his trip to France as “special” because he will be joining French President Emmanuel Macron at the National Day Parade.

“Even though I’ve been to France before, this time is different. France’s National Day is tomorrow. I congratulate the French people. I appreciate the invitation from the French people. The French Prime Minister met me at the airport today, and tomorrow my buddy Emmanuel Macron and I will both be at the National Day parade. The unshakable friendship between India and France is reflected in this, according to PM Modi.

The fundamental foundation of this alliance, according to Prime Minister Modi, is the people-to-people connections and mutual trust between the people of the two countries.

The strongest foundation of the alliance between France and India, according to him, is the people-to-people connection and mutual trust between the two nations’ populations.

“India and France are addressing several 21st-century issues. Thus, at this crucial time, the strategic alliance between our countries has become even more important, he continued.

PM Modi pointed out that not many people are aware that France and India are collaborating on archaeological missions. Few people are aware that France and India have been collaborating on archaeological missions for a while, he claimed. It now extends to Ladakh from Chandigarh. Another industry that improves relations between France and India is digital infrastructure.

He emphasised the parallels between France’s national anthem and the mantra that has motivated India since the Vedic era.

Let’s March, Let’s March is the national anthem of France. In our nation, the chant that has motivated us since the time of the Vedic civilization is Charaiveti, Charaiveti. The National Day Parade tomorrow will reflect the same sentiment, according to PM Modi.

In addition to discussing the increasing number of international athletes in India, PM Modi highlighted the increased popularity of Kylian Mbappe, the captain of the France national football team, among Indian football fans. He claimed that Mabappe is more well-known in India than in his own nation.

Kylian Mbappe, a French football star, is extremely popular with young people in India. Mbappe is perhaps more well-known in India than in France, according to PM Modi.

As a Guest of Honour for the July 14 celebrations of Bastille Day, French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed PM Modi to France for a two-day visit. India will also send a sizable tri-services contingent to the Bastille Day Parade. Three aircraft from the Indian Air Force will also participate in the flypast following the Bastille Day festivities.

Bastille Day, also known as French National Day, has a unique place in French culture. On this day, the French Revolution’s storming of the Bastille Prison in 1789 is remembered. The centrepiece of the Bastille Day celebrations is the parade.


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