PM Modi: “INDIA AND FRANCE HAVE SPECIAL Responsibilities for Indo-Pacific Peace”

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“India and France have a specific responsibility for maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific as resident powers. To give our collaboration a fruitful shape, we are working on the road map for the Indo Pacific Corporation. The concept for the Indo-Pacific, triangle development cooperation fund is also being discussed by both parties, according to the prime minister.

“This will create fresh chances to support new businesses and innovation across the entire region. We applaud France’s decision to take the lead in managing maritime resources for India’s Indo-Pacific ocean efforts, he continued.

The PM stated that during the India-France CEO Forum, India and France will tackle a number of crucial regional and international concerns.

Speaking to the French daily “Les Echos” in a recent interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised that the India-France cooperation strives to create a free, open, inclusive, secure, and stable Indo-Pacific region. He added that the two nations also aim to assist other countries in the region.

In addition, Prime Minister Modi stated that France and India are collaborating to serve international security requirements in addition to strengthening India’s defence industrial base and combined operational capabilities.

“It includes every project related to sustainability, connection, human development, and the economy. These will encourage other nations to join in on common efforts for prosperity and peace. Great opportunities for regional cooperation are made possible by this alliance. Beyond the Indian Ocean, we will also progressively coordinate and work together in the Pacific. Additionally, the EU, which has its own Indo-Pacific strategy, will be a part of our partnership. We already have a connectivity partnership with the EU, said PM Modi.

“I feel that President Macron’s thinking really matches ours,” PM Modi continued. We can therefore naturally get along and work well together. And for that, I am incredibly grateful to him. For the Indo-Pacific region to be peaceful and stable, our relationship is essential. France is one of our top international partners, in our opinion.

PM Modi attended the luncheon that Yal Braun-Pivet, president of the French National Assembly, gave in Paris.

On President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation, PM Modi attended the Bastille Day Parade earlier in the day on France’s National Day as the honorary guest of honour.

The grand procession, which included contingents from the Indian armed forces, was held on the Champs-Élysées in Paris under clear, beautiful skies.

The 25th anniversary of the two nations’ strategic cooperation falls this year as well.


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