PM Trudeau of Canada said that “serious” national security issues will be addressed with India.

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Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return to government for a third straight term, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he sees a new opportunity to engage with India on “some very serious” problems related to national security.

On the eve of the anniversary of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s death, Trudeau stated in an interview with CBC News on Monday that “now that he’s through his election, I think there is an opportunity for us to engage, including on some very serious issues around national security and keeping Canadians safe and the rule of law.”

Following his meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Italy for the G7 Summit, to which India was invited as an Outreach nation, Trudeau made his comments. PM Modi tweeted a picture of himself shaking hands with the PM of Canada.

Following the meeting in Italy, Trudeau told Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC), a Canadian television outlet, that the two nations should collaborate on a few “important but sensitive” matters. He didn’t go into great detail about the two presidents’ conversation.

“I think one of the really good things about summits is you get an opportunity to engage directly with a huge range of different leaders with whom there are various issues,” Trudeau said in his Monday interview with CBC News, according CBC News.

“And certainly with India, there are massive people-to-people ties, there are really important economic ties, there’s alignment on a number of big issues that we need to work on as democracies, as a global community,” he stated.

After Trudeau mentioned “credible allegations” in the House of Commons last year regarding a possible connection between Indian agents and the June 2023 killing of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar in Surrey, British Columbia, relations between the two nations had become strained. Nonetheless, India has rejected the charges, calling them “absurd” and “motivated.”

In June of last year, Nijjar was shot and died outside a Gurdwara in Surrey. The National Investigation Agency of India had classified Nijjar as a terrorist in 2020. The first anniversary of Nijjar’s passing is on Tuesday.

According to reports, a video of his murder appeared in March of this year and showed armed men shooting Nijjar.

In the meantime, September of last year saw Trudeau and PM Modi meet in person at the G20 leaders’ summit in New Delhi.

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