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Lahore: According to ARY News, Pakistan’s textile industry has suffered a staggering financial loss of USD 70 million as a result of a grid failure that caused a significant nationwide power outage.

Following the significant power outage, all industries in Pakistan were shut down because the National Grid’s electricity supply to three provinces was disrupted.

The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMAArshad )’s Khan, a senior official, claimed that the outage could result in losses amounting to billions of rupees.

If the government does not ensure a dependable power supply, the economic harm to the textile industry will reportedly total billions of rupees, according to sources, ARY News reported.

According to Geo News, a power outage on Monday at around 7:34 a.m. left many cities without electricity, including Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, and Islamabad.

The frequency of the national grid dropped around 7.34 am, causing a “widespread breakdown” in the electricity system, according to a statement from Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy. Furthermore, it mentioned Warsak as the starting point for grid station repairs.

Load-shedding must be maintained for the ensuing 48 hours by citizens.

The power outage on Monday caused “inconvenience” to the public, said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday.

In order to identify the causes of the power outage and assign blame, he also ordered an investigation.

“I would like to apologise on behalf of my government for the inconvenience the power outage yesterday caused for our people. I’ve ordered an investigation to find out what caused the power outage. It will be decided who is accountable, “Shehbaz Sharif tweeted.

According to Geo TV, the power outage lasted for more than 16 hours, which was particularly unfortunate given that temperatures were expected to drop to about 4 degrees Celsius in Islamabad and 8 degrees Celsius in Karachi.

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