President Biden of the United States is called out by Envoy, who says, “Eric, I want you to bring down visa wait times in India.”

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The US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti, provided information about visa appointments and the waiting period associated with them. He stated that President Joe Biden instructed him to reduce the duration of visa applications in India, noting that this was the first time an ambassador in any nation had been instructed to look into such matters.

Garcetti emphasised that Congress must handle the legislative aspect of the green card backlog, stating that it constitutes a portion of the issue.

But he did point out that the amount of visas that have been decided has reduced the waiting period by 75%.

Speaking to ANI, Garcetti stated, “Now, a legislative issue that Congress must resolve on the question of whether

More than 245,000 student visas from India were issued last year. First place for adoptions and first place for all other categories, indicating that 1.4 billion individuals would love to immigrate to the United States. Thus, having this problem is beneficial. However, a few things were beginning to change,” he responded when questioned about the backlog of green cards and why the majority of those waiting are Indians.

“With the same number of individuals and visas adjudicated, we increased by 60% in a single year not only in Delhi but throughout India as well as reduced wait times by 75%. Therefore, once more, Congress would be better suited to answer that issue.

Garcetti was

“It’s unlikely that presidents pay much attention to visa wait periods, but a lot of our Indian friends are probably wondering why things are taking so long. that the president was even consulted about it. Thus, the 250 is an average in reality. Furthermore, the average human is probably less than 200 days old already. With the resources we have now, it’s challenging,” he said.

The US envoy continued, stating that India is functioning fairly effectively within its system, adding, “We are actually very responsive. For me as the president, it is of the utmost importance. But when you consider that just 25% of student visas are granted to Indians, the other nations are saying, “Wait a minute, that’s not even proportionate to the large population of Indians,”

Of the more than one million international students studying in the US, more than 25% are Indian students. According to an embassy announcement, International Education Week (IEW), which honours the advantages of global interaction and international education, officially begins with the publication of the Open Doors Report.

As he continued, Garcetti disclosed that negotiations are underway to open two more consulates. One is located in Ahmedabad, and the other in Bangalore.

“We’ve discussed opening two new consulates in the near future, one in Bangalore and another in Ahmedabad,” he stated. Two, the Ministry of External Affairs has been quite supportive and responsive as we work with them to place more bodies in India. As an example,

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