“PRESIDENT OF QATAR HAD A TALK WITH PM MODI,” says Rajnath Singh over the release of Navy veterans.

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On Sunday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi gratitude for the former Navy veterans’ safe return after they were given the death penalty on espionage charges and released by Qatar.

“Our retired Navy veterans who worked for certain Qatari corporations received death sentences…After speaking with the president of Qatar, PM Modi was able to have their punishment lifted in two to three days, allowing the retired Navy veterans to return to India. At a rally in Banka, Bihar, which will see voting for the first round of the Lok Sabha elections on April 19, Singh declared, “This is India’s power.”

Eight former Navy soldiers who worked for Dahra Global were freed by Qatar in February. The officials in Qatar took them into custody.

The MEA promised to use all diplomatic channels to bring back the Indians who had been imprisoned, and as a result, the imprisonment time was also reduced.

On the prime minister’s guidance, Doval carried out the sensitive negotiations while S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, led the diplomatic front. The NSA had been to Doha on several quiet visits, believing that the Qatari leadership would be sympathetic to the Indian perspective.

Beginning on April 19, Bihar will participate in all phases of the Lok Sabha elections. June 4 is when the votes will be tallied.

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