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New Delhi, India – According to Wael Mohamed Awad Hamed, Egyptian envoy to India, the visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to India would be a perfect opportunity to establish a new sort of collaboration between Egypt and India economically, politically, bilaterally, and internationally.

This year is the first time that an Egyptian leader would be the primary guest at India’s Republic Day. The ambassador described the visit as “historic,” adding that Egypt and India can agree on several critical global problems.

“I believe this is a fantastic opportunity, a genuinely historic moment for both nations, even during the height of relations between Egypt and India in the 1960s and 1950s at the time of Prime Minister Nehru and President Nasser,” he said.

“So I truly think that this is a golden opportunity to forge a new kind of partnership between Egypt and India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Sisi that even surpasses the heyday in the 1950s and the 1960s based on many common elements and pillars of understanding between both countries. We collaborated bilaterally.

The ambassador emphasised the two countries’ defence and security cooperation, saying that the Egyptian and Indian armed forces are in daily touch through the ministries of defence, and that they are always discussing new areas of collaboration.

“You may recall that in September, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited Egypt and met with his Egyptian counterpart as well as Egypt’s president. And as we speak, joint exercises for Special Forces are taking place in India. So the relationship is progressing day by day, and we have a joint working group on defence topics that will meet very soon “, explained the envoy.

Earlier, at a panel discussion on India-Egypt ties amid changing global order, the envoy stated that “India is a key country in the Indian Ocean, and the security of the Indian Ocean begins with the security of the Red Sea in the west and the Suez Canal in Egypt. The Indian Ocean also plays a role in the Suez Canal’s security. So, because we are both tied in terms of security, it is critical for both countries to meet and discuss “.

Concerning the wheat export ban, the envoy stated that he fully understands India’s perspective and hopes that the prohibition would be lifted soon.

“In terms of wheat, we expect that India will soon abolish the ban on wheat exports. We understand why this prohibition was enacted in the first place, due to the weather conditions that we have experienced in 2022. “However, we hope that restriction would be lifted soon so that India can continue its wheat exports to Egypt,” added the envoy.

The envoy stated that Egypt would be interested in playing a positive role in ensuring food security in India, emphasising the importance of food security.

“Egypt will be keen to play a helpful role in ensuring food security in India by selling fertilisers.”

On India’s stand in the Russia – Ukraine issue, the envoy said that he has been ‘personally observing India’s attitude and ‘that there is a lot to be talked between Egypt and India’.

They want to emphasise Egypt’s strategic location and investments in the country by emphasising that from Egypt, you can tap into a market of 1.3 billion people, which presents a fantastic opportunity for Indian investors and Indian enterprises to invest in Egypt.

“Egypt is a highly strategic location and it is not as opposed to the population size of 100 million, which is little comparison to the size of the home Market in India. However, you may tap into a market of 1.3 billion individuals in Egypt. These are the

“It presents a fantastic opportunity for Indian investors and Indian enterprises who want to establish in Egypt, and we welcome them to come to Egypt at any moment, especially to be placed in the Suez Canal Economic Zone,” he added.

Speaking further on India’s G20 Presidency, to which Egypt has been invited as a Guest country, the envoy stated that there are many global challenges on which Egypt and India agree and would jointly address.

“Egypt and India will join hands to convey the voice of the Global South since the challenges that we face are well known to everyone, and Egypt and India are developing countries, therefore we see eye to eye on many subjects that will be discussed.”

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