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New Delhi: Following significant agreements with the US, India is prepared to sign a new defence agreement with France. Two significant defence agreements were made during the Prime Minister’s state visit to the US: the purchase of MQ-9B drones and the coproduction of the GE-F414 fighter jet engines.

It’s time for another significant defence agreement with France after these agreements that will satisfy the needs of Indigenous Engines and Drones for all services. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impending trip to France, where he has been invited as Guest of Honour to see the Bastille Day parade on July 14, a deal to purchase 26 Rafale-M (Marine) fighter fighters for the Indian Navy is planned.

A significant defence accord between France and India is likely to be the centrepiece of the prime minister’s visit. According to senior Indian Navy officials, orders for 26 Rafale-M fighter jets will be issued later this year to satisfy INS Vikrant’s urgent need for a multirole fighter jet.

After rigorous flying tests of the Dassault’s Marine variant, the Indian Navy has already provided the Ministry of Defence with a comprehensive report recommending Rafale-M aircraft. The Rafale-M is picked by the Indian Navy over Boeing’s F/A 18 Super Hornet fighter because it better meets the operational needs of the Navy for its first IAC.

The Ministry of Defence was persuaded to buy 26 Rafale-M fighters from France after a thorough analysis demonstrating how the French aircraft is the greatest option for the Indian Navy’s combat needs when compared to American aircraft. The purchase of Rafale-M aircraft for the Navy may be announced while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting France in July, according to top defence ministry sources.

Onboard the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, the Navy’s ageing Mig29K fighters have been in need of replacement. In-depth field testing of Rafale-M jets has been done by the Indian Navy at INS Hansa and Goa Naval Air Base in addition to onboard INS Vikrant.

Currently operating 36 Rafale aircraft that it acquired from France between July 2020 and December 22, the Indian Airforce will improve training, maintenance, and support for the Rafale-M aircraft used by the Indian Navy. It is simpler to purchase new Rafale-M jets because the components of the Air Force and Marine versions of the Rafale are 80% comparable.

According to sources, Dassault would build a maintenance and repair facility on board INS Vikrant and INS Hansa in addition to the 26 Rafale-M planes. Aside from the thorough flying tests, the Rafale-Marine variants wowed the Indian Navy during a number of joint exercises with France, where these twin-engine supersonic planes displayed complex combat capabilities that the Indian Navy needs for its current operations.

While speaking to Times Now recently on board INS Vikrant, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R. Hari Kumar emphasised the necessity for multirole fighter jets for the Navy and the Navy’s recommendations for the Rafale-M as it better meets the needs of IAC.

The Rafale-M’s canard delta wings, stronger air frame, extended nose, and single seat are among its features specifically created for naval operations. Air to air and air to surface operations are both appropriate. With the assistance of its twin Snecma M88 engines, the Rafale-M is capable of catapult launch, arrestor hook, and jump strut manoeuvres. The Rafale-M is appropriate for aircraft carriers with CATOBAR technology.

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