Satellite reveals that S4 is a larger submarine than its sister vessels S2 and S3.

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The sea-based deterrent force is already a known reality, with plans to build a total of 4 Arihant class ballistic missile submarines (SSBN). Large-scale investments in command and control systems, including as long-range communication infrastructure, specialised fortified bases, and the necessary support vessels, are in place to support these submarines. International defence analyst Richard Sterk stated, “It is now evident that India is committed to achieving a nuclear triad, which would be in accordance with standard nuclear warfighting doctrine.”

Sometime in the final week of November 2022, in Visakhapatnam, the third Arihant-class SSBN (Sub Surface Ballistic Nuclear) submarine, code-named S4, was covertly launched.

Analysts surmise, however, that the submarine might be able to carry either 24 K-15 missiles based on the image that was made public.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) oversees the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) and the Strategic Nuclear Command (SNC), which are directly in charge of the building, commissioning, testing, and status of the SSBNs. A senior naval officer confirmed the launch, stating that it consists just of getting the outer hull to float in water. Up until recently, it was located near the dry dock; today, it is in the water. Sea testing, armament trials, and commissioning are still a ways off, he said.

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