Should China-occupied areas in India not be renamed AKSAI CHIN?

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After renaming 11 sites unilaterally in April 2017 and December 2021, China has changed the names of 11 locations in Arunachal Pradesh.

Chinese spokesman Mao Ning stated on April 5 that Chinese territory included Indian Arunachal Pradesh (Zangnan in Han Chinese), and Beijing had standardised the names of various sections of this province as part of its sovereign rights. China has changed the names of 32 sites in Arunachal Pradesh since 2017, as part of its campaign to assert control over what it refers to as South Tibet. (Xizang in Chinese).

The bilateral position is that Beijing (as per Vice Minister’s dialogue in 1987) has staked a claim on both the western and eastern sectors after in 1960 (Chou En-Lai) and in 1984 (Deng Xiaoping) proposed that China was willing to give up its claims on the eastern sector if India accepts claims of the middle-kingdom in the western sector. This is despite claims and counterclaims on the 3488 km long Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

Since Communist China’s soldiers occupied Tibet in 1950, the Indian position has remained the same, in contrast to China’s shifting stance on the resolution of the land border. According to the 1865 Johnson Line, India claims Arunachal Pradesh and all of Aksai China as its own.

According to the bilateral agreement, Beijing has staked claims on both the western and eastern sectors after proposing in 1960 (Chou En-Lai) and 1984 (Deng Xiaoping) that China was willing to give up its claims on the eastern sector if India accepted middle-kingdom claims in the western sector. This is true despite assertions and denials over China’s 3488 km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Indian viewpoint has not changed since Communist China’s troops invaded Tibet in 1950, in contrast to China’s evolving position on how to resolve the land border. The 1865 Johnson Line states that India is the rightful owner of both Arunachal Pradesh and the entirety of Aksai China.

It’s interesting that the Chinese aggression in the arts comes at a time when the opposition parties in India, primarily the Congress, are urging the Narendra Modi administration to take action against Beijing for the violation in May 2020 as well as the Yangtze conflict in Arunachal Pradesh. The truth is that when Congress was in control, the whole Aksai Chin region and even some areas of Arunachal Pradesh were lost.

Beijing is not only engaging in psychological warfare against India but also informing its domestic audience that President Xi Jinping will use the potent PLA to restore China’s geographical claims on both Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan. This is despite the fact that the Indian spokesperson rejected the April 2 Chinese renaming exercise by reiterating that Arunachal Pradesh was a fundamental part of India.

Though China has significantly improved its military capabilities along the Laos–Asia–China (LAC) border and turned Tibet into a fortress, it cannot afford to wage a one-sided war of aggression against India to annex Arunachal Pradesh or impose the 1959 line. It is a surefire prescription for annihilation.

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