Space Isro Agency Says: “NISAR Satellite Is Not Meant for Espionage.”

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According to space agency chairman S Somanath, the goal of the joint satellite mission that ISRO and US agency NASA undertook was to study the Earth with an emphasis on sustainability rather than for surveillance.

He stated that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Bangalore-based ISRO are working together to construct a Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite to investigate the Earth after the effects of climate change.

“The NISAR mission—the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar mission, which is a very large satellite—will be the next GSLV (Launch Vehicle) mission. He stated, “The rocket’s configuration and performance have been progressively improving in terms of volume and cargo capacity, which will be very helpful.

Somanath was conversing with

Numerous objectives are the focus of the combined mission.

“…because it has image capability for about 12-14 days, imaging of the Earth can be done at a very high precision” , he stated regarding NISAR.

“Water, agriculture, the amount of greenery covering the surface of the Earth, and a host of other factors could all be measured by the satellite. In order to examine the availability of water in arid regions, it can even pierce the Earth,” the speaker stated.

Thus, it is only a satellite that will aid with sustainability, water, the environment, agriculture, and other issues brought about by climate change on Earth. NISAR’s major focus is on such issues, Somanath continued.

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