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Srinagar: According to Asian Lite International, the G20 Tourism Working Group conference in Srinagar is a significant occasion that will highlight the region’s potential as a travel destination and counter the unfavorable narrative pushed by Pakistan.

The G20 summit provides a chance to show the rest of the world that life has returned to normal in the Union Territory.

China and Pakistan are against the G20 summit in Srinagar, but India has decided to proceed with it. It will disprove Pakistan’s erroneous claims that the Kashmir Valley has experienced human rights atrocities.

Pakistan had pushed its G20 partners to block the conference from taking place in Srinagar, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China.

According to Asian Lite International, India’s choice to conduct the meeting in Srinagar is a declaration of intent, a reaffirmation of its sovereignty over the area, and a commitment to bringing peace and prosperity to its people.

The G20 summit is a step in the right direction for Kashmir, and India needs to take advantage of this chance to help the area and its people develop.

According to Asian Lite International, the upcoming G20 Tourism Working Group meeting in Srinagar is a major occasion for both India and the province of Jammu and Kashmir to highlight the region’s potential as a tourism destination.

The gathering is anticipated to increase tourism, produce economic gains, provide jobs for residents, and establish the area as a reliable investment location.

According to Asian Lite International, India will have the chance to highlight the region’s rich cultural legacy, breathtaking natural beauty, and kind hospitality at the gathering.

To ensure the safety of the attendees and guests, the UT administration has developed a special medical task force that includes mobile ambulances with sophisticated life support at the event and excursion places.

The UT government has been aggressively promoting film tourism in recent years, and on the eve of the event, a significant event will be conducted to do the same.

It will be the region’s first significant international event since August 2019, when the state was split into two Union Territories and its unique legal status was eliminated.

According to Asian Lite International, it is time to reassure the outside world that J-K has changed for the better and that a new era of peace and tranquility has descended upon Kashmir as a result of the government’s proactive efforts to eradicate terrorism and bring prosperity to the state’s residents.

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