Taiwan remains vigilant following the occurrence of Chinese submarine surfaces in Taiwan Strait.

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After images of a Chinese nuclear submarine surfaced in the narrow Taiwan Strait close to Taiwanese fisherman surfaced online, Taiwan’s minister of defence stated on Tuesday that they had a “grasp” of the situation.

Tension frequently arises from the little strait dividing Taiwan from China. Taiwan has reported daily operations by Chinese warships and aircraft there as Beijing tries to impose its claims to sovereignty over the democratically ruled island.

The images of the surfaced ship, which looked to be a nuclear-armed Jin class ballistic missile submarine, were shot by a Taiwanese fishing boat in the strait on Tuesday around daybreak, some 200 kilometres (125 miles) off Taiwan’s western shore. Taiwanese media released the images.

Taiwan Defence Minister Wellington Koo responded, when questioned, that they

The purpose of ballistic missile submarines is to fire ballistic missiles against targets on land, not to attack ships.

With easy access to the southern portion of the strait, Taiwan’s P-3C Orion anti-submarine aircraft force is stationed at the Pingtung air base in southern Taiwan.

Taiwan has been complaining recently that China has been employing “grey zone warfare,” which involves floating surveillance balloons above the island, to wear out an enemy without deploying open confrontation.

“We must be fully alert to China’s continued military harassment and grey zone threats and must always understand China’s constant salami-slicing attempts to unilaterally change the status quo,” Koo stated.

“We must be alert at all times, but not panic nor be apathetic, and calmly deal with the situation in the strait,” he stated. “We won’t be the one provoking, and call on China not to be a troublemaker.”

In its daily report on Chinese military activity, Taiwan’s defence ministry stated on Tuesday morning that it had identified 20 Chinese military planes and seven warships in the area of the island in the previous 24 hours.

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