The Defence Minister’s message on terrorism is unambiguous and loud, as seen by Pakistan’s response.

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The Indian Defence Minister’s “provocative remarks” were criticised by Pakistan’s foreign office in a statement released a day after Rajnath Singh sent a strong message on terrorism.

According to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Pakistan is aware that India has the capacity to act decisively against terrorists, as he told Network18 Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi on Friday. His warning regarding transnational terrorism was unequivocal. Singh’s hard-hitting interview that made news at home and undoubtedly caused a stir across the border was so noteworthy that Pakistan couldn’t help but take notice of it less than twenty-four hours after he spoke on News18’s platform.

The Indian Defence Minister’s aggressive words were denounced by Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Saturday, and it was requested that “the international community” step in.

Furthermore, Pakistan took advantage of the occasion to expose what it referred to as “irrefutable evidence, elucidating India’s campaign of extrajudicial and transnational assassinations on Pakistani soil”; these defamatory claims have been made again in the wake of a British media report that connected Indian intelligence to the killings of terrorists and extremists on Pakistani soil. According to Indian officials, the report is “false and fabricated.”

Subsequently, the Pakistani statement descended into the realm of fabrication, denouncing “India’s assertion of its preparedness to extra-judicially execute more civilians, arbitrarily pronounced as “terrorists”” – yet another deliberate attempt to undermine New Delhi’s position. It smells of malice and deceit on Pakistan’s part to include civilians in this story.

Pakistan has consistently shown that it is dedicated to promoting regional peace. We should not, however, let our wish for peace be misinterpreted. Pakistan’s strong commitment and capacity for self-defense are attested to by history, according to the statement released by the foreign office. It seems a little extravagant coming from the Islamabad hawks who are engaged in a brutal border war with the Taliban leaders of Afghanistan, for whom they previously rolled out the red carpet. Relations between Iran and Pakistan have also been tense, with both countries carrying out strikes against rebels on the other’s territory.

Pakistan’s remark in this regard should be interpreted as nothing more than a desperate attempt to play the victim to win over sympathy during a period when the nation is beset by

We will pursue the terrorist and bring him down on Pakistani territory if he manages to escape to that country. Narendra Modi, the prime minister, has said what is true.India is capable, and Pakistan has begun to realise that as well,” Singh declared, adding that those attempting to incite unrest in India will receive a suitable response.

Singh emphasised that New Delhi has never been the aggressor and that it wishes to keep friendly relations with its neighbours.

Singh was answering a query regarding a story in The Guardian that stated Indian intelligence agents planned murders in Pakistan in an effort to eradicate terrorists residing abroad. Singh emphasised India’s broader position in regard to the study, without directly addressing its accuracy.

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