The global economy benefits from India’s decision to import Russian oil: Jaishankar

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According to official Russian media, Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar stated on Wednesday that the world economy benefited from New Delhi’s choice to increase its purchases of crude oil from Russia during the conflict in Ukraine.

“To be quite honest, all of you would have been paying significantly more for your electricity if we had given up on our position to purchase energy from Russia. “If more nations had relied on a limited pool of suppliers, global energy costs would have skyrocketed,” Jaishankar stated in a conversation with Kuala Lumpur-based Indian expatriates.

Before arriving back in New Delhi on Thursday, the Indian EAM is visiting Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Consequently, if

We have begun to define ourselves in a number of ways, in part because we are much more self-assured and committed to our culture, heritage, and civilization. by refusing to be used as props by others. In today’s world politics, there are extremely cunning methods to keep you down, the senior Indian official emphasised.

What transpires when a person lacks confidence and is raised believing that wisdom exists everywhere but at home? After that, importing solutions comes naturally to you,” he stated.

Up from just 0.2 percent prior to February 2022, Russian crude shipments now make up about a third of India’s total oil imports since last year.

Approximately 85% of India’s crude oil needs are met by

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