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The top brass of the Indian Army has said that the Army Design Bureau (ADB) will be strengthened in terms of innovation, and that the bureau will open cells at Command Headquarters. With an emphasis on independence, it suggests integrating cutting-edge technology for potential future capability growth (Atmanirbharta).

The choice was chosen on April 2 at the end of the Army Commanders’ Conference. The Indian Army emphasised self-reliance while announcing that organisational and procedural changes would be put in place to guarantee the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for future capacities.

Since its founding in 2016, the ADB has promoted cooperation between business, academia, Defence PSUs, and DRDO to create entirely indigenous solutions that give a competitive advantage.

Additionally, during the meeting, there were talks on the possibility of setting up a different fund to help the

In order to maximise resources and improve infrastructure development in border areas, the Army also intends to work in conjunction with other ministries.

In order to fully utilise the innovative potential of the Indian defence sector, emphasis was placed on coordinating training with technological breakthroughs.

Human resource management guidelines will be updated to support the integration of cutting-edge technologies and training facilities in accordance with this.

There are also proposals to investigate the establishment of an Adversarial Force for training and realistic wargaming.

In order to meet upcoming operational difficulties, Army Chief General Manoj Pande advised senior leadership to keep pursuing transformation and technology absorption. He also argued for seamless situational awareness and doctrinal revisions.

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