The initial group of new YAK-130 Advanced Trainers is received by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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A new batch of Yakovlev YAK-130 advanced trainers has been delivered to the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, further renewing their modern pilot training platforms. The first batch of this type of training aircraft delivered in 2024 by the United Aircraft Corporation’s Irkutsk Aviation Plant (a division of the State Corporation ROSTEC) gives significance to this news, which was published on June 10.

The Russian Aerospace Forces currently use the most cutting-edge training platform, the Yakovlev YAK-130, to replace their antiquated Soviet-era trainers. The aircraft can conduct air-to-ground and air-to-air combat, and it can train future front-line fighter pilots in both basic and advanced skills.

The quantity of units in this batch has not been revealed, though, as is typical with announcements of this nature from ROSTEC and the UAC. The fact that it is the first batch of 2024 is the sole confirmed information. The last batch before this was delivered in December 2023, together with an undetermined number of Su-30SM2 fighter-bombers, to the Aerospace Forces.

The UAC posted a video of one of these new YAK-130s taking flight on its Telegram channels to commemorate this significant milestone for the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Furthermore, Yuri Slyusar, general director of the United Aircraft Corporation, said in an official statement on June 10 that “at this stage, significant factory resources are also focused on fulfilling the tasks of supplying Su-30SM.”

Going forward, it is imperative to emphasise certain advancements that the UAC has been pursuing to augment the YAK-130’s capabilities. Among them is the creation of the “CM-100,” a new iteration of the AI-222-25 engine.

This new advanced trainer version, dubbed the “YAK-130M” by Russian media, has been installed along with additional new equipment and a new propulsion system. The new engine “… will have improved characteristics with similar dimensions and weight; in particular, maximum power will increase by 20% and service life will double,” state consortium officials said during the ARMY 2023 fair.

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