THE US-Indian relationship is undergoing transformation, and alignment is closer than it has ever been: Rahul Richard Verma

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US-Indian relations are undergoing a transformative phase, according to US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Richard Verma, who stated on Tuesday that the two nations are more “closely aligned than ever before.”

“Current US-India relations are undergoing a radical shift. I’ve had the honour and opportunity of working on this relationship for a considerable amount of time. And when I consider the work we’re doing and the advancements we’re making across the board. There is no more comprehensive and significant roadmap for our two nations than the one that was inked by President Biden and Prime Minister Modi ahead of their state visit last summer. Richard R. Moore, the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources in the United States

“And again on defence we have taken unprecedented steps to increase cooperation to bring our defence establishments closer together, and both sides have taken steps to get up here,” Verma went on to say.

He went on to recommend safeguarding innovation and technology as well as the supply chain, noting that INDUS-X has been a vital component of this momentum.

Verma said that when our national security advisors held the first meeting of the US-India initiative in emerging technologies a year ago, it was focused on our countries to accelerate strategic technology and defence industrial cooperation. This information helps to inform the broader strategic context of what India and the US are doing together to strengthen the defence and technology relationship.

He went on to say that the US had made numerous attempts prior to the


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